Website Design

Website design is not just about a good-looking page, more importantly, Website design is about creating a functional set of pages that work well for your clients to accomplish a task that they want and then streamlining that task so its not a burden on you.

Having a properly designed web site that takes into consideration

User experience

  • Is Quick
  • Is Responsive
  • Unobtrusive / Convenient
  • Always Available
  • Safe


  • Accomplish digital objectives (CTAs – Call to Action)
  • Makes your work easier
  • ROI – Statistics and Analytics
  • Ease of ownership

Talk is not cheap

Website design should start with a conversation. Understanding the “digital objectives” or Call To Actions (CTAs) of the website and how those CTAs will compliment your business objectives is paramount to a successful partnership and ultimately a successful website.

Each website design is as unique as the client is. Even clients in the same field will require different objectives, so thought and consideration is needed, not “templates.”

CrazyChickenTech will work with you to discover the perfect solution. We also supply everything you need to be successful so you can focus on your clients. Never worry about the technology, we have you covered!