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You Run Your Business…

We’ll Run Your Web Site!

  • You need a professional and affordable website done right, on time and on a budget! CrazyChickenTech is here for you.
  • We understand the frustration that most small businesses go through when its time to create a new site or update and existing one.
  • You’re not interested in the technology, you only care about the results. CrazyChickenTech promises to deliver!
  • Your business needs a presence that properly represents who you are and what you do. CrazyChickenTech will take the time to learn about you and convey that to your audience.
  • We want to have a long and lasting relationship with you and we believe that honesty and hard work will get us there.

What We Offer


It all starts with building you the perfect web site.

No Fluff, No Fuss!

We are focused on giving you exactly what you and your customers need!

We Can Build You Everything!

We are your one stop shop. You need a website and we have everything to make it happen.

No need to worry about making sure that you have picked the proper package and other services to make sure you have a professional looking web presence. We specialize in taking care of the details for you. We work with you to come up with a perfect design that fit your needs and your budget.


We set everything up for you so you can get back to your business.

Never get your feathers ruffled!

We use one of the top rated hosting solution so you never need to worry about your site.

We Supply Everything!

We have made the investment, now you reap the benefits!

We have invested in the infrastructure already so there is no need for you to worry about anything! Lets face it, why should you have to worry about extra disk, or if you have enough RAM or if you purchased more Processor power than you actually need. We have all that, and you covered! If we need more…don’t worry, well get it!


Making sure it runs like its supposed to.

You will be as happy as a rooster in a hen house

We maintain all the functions and features so your site is all ways running at an optimal level and maintaining your professional appearance.

We Maintain Everything!

Worry free, hassle free, we got you covered…

Maintaining and caring for the infrastructure is paramount to making sure that you are always up and running. We are constantly monitoring your web presence to make sure everything is running like it should be. If there are any issues we will be sure to notify you and proactively take measure to fix the problem.


Saving you money on those minor changes that you can do.

Don’t let the fox guard the hen house

We teach you the basics so you can take control of your site and take advantage of the technology you have purchased.

We Show You How To Leverage Your Investment!

Giving you the ability to quickly update your site so your customers can stay informed.

Responding quickly to your customers with some simple information shouldn’t be an “extra” fee. We can teach you how to leverage your investment and take control of your website and become self sufficient. We encourage and teach you how to become active with your site and keep it fresh and interesting so your customers will love you!

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What We Provide

Safety and Security Images

Making sure your site is safe an up to date is paramount.

There are several layers of protection that we use to make sure that your site is as safe as it can be.

Using standard practices to 3rd party plugins to regular site scanning we are always checking to make sure your site is safe and worry free.

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A web page must load fast or it risks losing customers and revenue.

Additionally, site speed is a ranking factor for good SEO and its also part of a good user experience.

Using Image Optimization, Minification, Caching and CDN technologies we make sure your site loads as fast as it possibly can.

We focus on making your site a memorable one to visit.

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We are local in the USA

We are here for you…literally!

Out of Charlotte North Carolina, USA we are here and local to you and your business. No out sourcing or “after hours” staff.

You get the same person that built your site responding to all your questions and concerns.

Your tech support is US based and intimately familiar with your site and knows exactly what you need.

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SEO is important

We always give Search Engine Optimization (SEO) a consideration when building your site.

We understand that with a small business it can very tough to financially compete with the giants. That’s why we take the time to understand your target audience so we can optimize your SEO strategy without breaking the bank and you can reach your perfect audience.

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Responsive Design

Mobile usage is exploding so a positive user experience is a must. A responsive site will assure proper viewing for all your potential customers regardless of what screen size they use.

Responsive design is also one of the requirements for good SEO so your audience can find you.


Simple doesn’t have to be boring, it just shouldn’t be complex.

Not making it to difficult so your customers lose focus, we specialize in giving you what you need in a way your customers can appreciate.


Yes, we love to make it simple but we also love to make it YOURS!

Some businesses need a little “extra” and this is what sets you apart from your competitor. We understand that your website will need the same.

We’re Here To Help Your Business Take Off!

Through Creative Ideas, Honest Communication and Frequent Collaboration

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