27 11, 2016

Format Date with Event Calendar and Slider Revolution

By |2019-04-01T02:46:53+00:00November 27th, 2016|Development|9 Comments

This is a solution for creating a format date filed using Slider Revolution by ThemePunch and The Events Calendar by Modern Tribe. Format Date Requierment I use the Avada theme by Theme Fusion and it comes with Slider Revolution. I recently had the desire to [...]

15 03, 2016

Choosing a Hosting Service

By |2019-02-28T05:43:07+00:00March 15th, 2016|Hosting|Comments Off on Choosing a Hosting Service

Choosing the right hosting service can be a daunting task. I have read many articles related to hosting and depending on the time of day or your choice of a search engine you should expect to find conflicting and confusing experiences regarding the same company, ratings from a perfect [...]


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