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In a world of technological advancement and reliance on the internet running a website for your business is one of the pillars of success. Many people tend to ask “how much for a website?” right off. This is important to know, though not the main point that should be focused on when looking to hire a web developer. It’s well understood that having a functional, good looking, user friendly website is crucial for good business. However, many people focus on price when looking to hire for such services, which may not be the most effective way to go about the process. There are many other factors to consider besides price, such as:


Building a website is an individualized process for each separate client, because of this, it’s important to discover what will truly work for your individual website needs. Cost isn’t as important when compared to the process of discovering what’s needed to make your website a success for your business.


There’s more to a website than just flashy graphics and smooth functionality. Having a backup of your flashy graphics and smooth functionality is just as important. Most people believe that web developers just make a website look nice and work well, when we actually do much more and the cost of our services is rather low for all that is included.


The security of a website is rather important. As with anything, websites can get hacked, leaking sensitive data and making the website unsafe for potential customers. This is often overlooked with people and businesses looking to hire me for services, even though it’s extremely essential for a successful website and a lucrative and productive business.


Many people also overlook the use of the caching, which will help your website load faster. Caches store information such as images or small parts of your website, which may help the users experience. Providing this is another part of my services, and a very essential one at that. This helps your website run quickly as it should, and is needed more than one would think.


Search engine optimization is an important aspect of running a successful business in the age of internet. SEO allows search engines to list your website before others, meaning more site traffic and inevitable business for you. Many websites utilize this service as they should, allowing for heavy site traffic and plenty of business. SEO services are needed and worth the price.


Image optimization as well as optimization of other aspects of your website is also another necessary service a web developer like myself offers. This allows the site to work smoothly and look amazing. Many sites have unoptimized images and code, slowing it down and making it a frustrating experience for those who try to use it. Optimization helps eliminate such problems, making it essential for a good website.

Health Monitoring

Health monitoring is the process of monitoring web applications and components in a website to see how well they are running over time, doing so provides a smooth-running website that’s user friendly and glitch free. This creates a pleasant user experience for all who visit the website. This service is another back-end must that many people don’t consider when hiring a professional to build and run their website.

Ongoing Maintenance and Care

As with anything, websites need to be maintained and cared for. Doing ongoing and routine maintenance is an important aspect of any website, and one that is done by the respective web developer you hire. Consider this service to be like the upkeep of a body, one needs to maintain it for it to run properly. Websites without such services are likely to work poorly, slow over time and crash often, which makes for bad business.


Analytics are another important aspect of a successful website and a successful business. Consider analytics as your view into the world of your customers, as they’ll tell you a lot about your target audience, including their likes, dislikes, browsing habits, and much more. Such data is important to follow as it lets you know what to do and what not do. Analytics data can tell you which website decisions are effective and which need to be revised.



There is a lot that goes into running a website, not just images and flashy good looks. There is a lot of “behind the scenes” work that goes into website development that many people don’t consider, such as the items listed above. This is why first being asked “how much for a website?” can be rather limiting and doesn’t include the big picture or everything needed to run a successful website and successful business. My services usually start around $1,500, there is a lot more that goes into the work than just making a website look nice and work when you click on it. The price of a website should matter less than how well the website works and produces. As the saying goes “buy cheaply, pay dearly,” if you want quality, the cost is worth it. Hiring a professional is hiring someone to run your website, not just build it, and with that, you’re hiring someone to help you succeed. How much is your success worth?